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Weight Watchers Challenges

Participate in a Challenge created by the editors at Weight Watchers.

Spring into Action Challenge

In this final week we’re going to kick it up a notch!

During the past three weeks we’ve challenged you to push the limits of your workouts. This week add more resistance to your workouts and try ...

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Do Something Healthy

Whether it’s eating smarter or moving more, developing healthy habits can have a big impact on your weight-loss success. In this challenge we encourage you to make small changes each week. Make a point of dr...

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The Weight Watchers Newbie Challenge

Welcome to Weight Watchers, and the Newbie Challenge! This Challenge is designed for anyone who's new to the program (though if you've been here before and could simply use a fresh start, we won't tell anyone.....

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The 30-Minute Challenge

Weight Watchers recommends getting 30 minutes of activity every day—so make your
promise public! Choose a new activity or bump up your current program. Dozens of people
are checking in here every da...

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Sponsored Challenges

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Snacking Simple

Looking for new and easy solutions to satisfy a hunger craving? Join this challenge to learn how to make simple snacking choices that help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. Every week, you’ll find new sim...

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